NYC Bite: Sweet Corner Bakeshop

This little corner bakery makes some of the best cookies and cakes in the city!

I’ll start by saying that this was my first time going to Sweet Corner Bakeshop, but surely not my last. This little bakery is located on one of the prettiest corners in the West Village, and is illuminated by beaming sunlight throughout most mornings. Inside, you’ll find a pasty case of the highest quality. Even better, you’ll see a chalkboard wall on which custom cakes are designed. So, if you ever need a nice cake, head to Sweet Corner Bakeshop and work 1-on-1 with a cake artist to design your perfect cake right on the wall. So cool.

However, Sweet Corner Bakeshop isn’t even famous for its cakes. The crown jewel here is the sea salt chocolate chip cookie. This cookie contains four types of Belgian Callebaut chocolate: dark chocolate cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate chunks, and dark chocolate chunks. Then, it’s topped with sea salt imported directly from France. And, I can attest, you’ll be able to taste the quality of these ingredients.

Around the edges, the cookie is slightly (perfectly) crispy. Towards the middle, the cookie softens, and in the very center, its nice and gooey—almost raw. The sea salt on top takes this cookie to the next level. Take a bite out of the warm, tender center and you'll wonder why other cookies even exist. All of the chocolates, gooey dough, and sea salt come together in a perfect balance. Surely the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve eaten. And that’s saying something.

Next, I tried the red velvet “nutella bomb” cookie. This cookie is smaller than the chocolate chip cookie around the outside, but is much thicker in the center. That’s because the center is home to a pocket of nutella, ready to ooze right into your mouth. Or all over your face. Whoops.

Seriously though, this cookie is phenomenal. The dough itself is similar to that of the chocolate chip cookie—very tender and moist, even gooey in the middle. Once you bite into the center, the “bomb” will go off and your taste buds will thank you for the warm, wonderful nutella oozing onto your tongue. 

So, both cookies are absolute must-tries. And, not only does this place have delicious food, but also a casual, laid-back atmosphere that you can't miss out on. Enjoy!

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