Sweet Clementine Ricotta Cronut

Just fantastic.

Here we go! The May Cronut.

At first glance, I saw clementine jam with ricotta cream and had some reservations about the flavor. It’s definitely not up my alley. However, Chef Dominique often makes me regret questioning a flavor, as was the case with yellow peach black tea (August 2014). So, I went in with high hopes.

And, I wasn’t disappointed. The clementine cream was very gentle and never tasted too sweet, which often happens with cronut fillings. That also may have been due to the ricotta cream, which balanced out the sweetness of the jam.

When I hear ricotta cream, I think of a cheesy flavor. When I think of cheese and cronuts in conjunction, I’m grossed out. So, you wont be surprised to hear that the ricotta cream was not cheesy at all. In fact, it had a cheesecake-like taste—slightly sweet and not cheesy whatsoever. It was almost as if the cream was a cheesecake mousse. So, in the end, the pairing of ricotta cream and clementine jam turned out to be absolutely delicious. Another fabulous creation from Chef Dominique. 

Also, I didn’t wait online for this cronut because I completed a clutch preorder a few weeks in advance. If you’re going to get cronuts, I highly recommend preordering because the line can be very long and tedious (especially when the weather is unforgiving). I explained this in more depth in my last post, but you can preorder cronuts here: www.cronutpreorder.com. Just sign on a few minutes befor 11 am on any Monday and do your best to secure a cronut before it’s too late.