Peach Bourbon Cronut

A Must-Try Summer Treat!

August is here, and so is the Peach Bourbon Cronut. This month's flavor is especially exciting because it features the same peach jam (and icing) that was used in last August's flavor--also the best flavor of all time--Peach Black Tea. This peach jam is light and sweet, and is flavored with fresh, delicious peaches. It sits between the middle layers of the flaky cronut, waiting to ooze into your mouth. And, when it does, you'll be happy you made the effort to get your hands on this glorious creation. 

Along with the peach jam, this cronut is filled with a bourbon cream. The cream is super light, airy, and smooth, which makes the cronut taste soft and gentle in your mouth. Then, the cronut is finished with a peach icing and small bits of dried peaches. The icing is simple and sweet--with hints of peach--and the dried peaches add a tasty fruitiness to a couple of bites. So yummy. 

This cronut, like almost all others, is definitely worth trying. In fact, if you're a fan of peach, its a must-try! The crisp outside, flaky layers, and delectable peach and bourbon fillings come together in a fantastic balance. It's a true summer treat. And, as we all know, September is right around the corner, so savor this taste while you can.