NYC Bite: Nourish Kitchen + Table

If you want your body to be nourished by fresh, healthy ingredients, Nourish Kitchen + Table is the place to satisfy your craving. Founded by nutritionist Marissa Lippert, Nourish brings together locally sourced, delicious ingredients in funky, creative ways. Also, because the kitchen's ingredients vary depending on what's available at the market, the menu changes daily.

I first walked in here on my lunch break from Dominique Ansel Kitchen, still wearing my chef's hat and chocolate-stained coat. Instantly, the woman behind the counter gave me a warm greeting and a discount for working in the neighborhood. The employees here are super nice, and even better, they really care about the food they serve. If you ask about one of their dishes, which are beautifully displayed on a marble countertop, they will tell you just about everything there is to know--where the ingredients came from, when they were purchased, how they were prepared...It's cool to see people trying to create that "kitchen" experience away from home. 

inside nourish.jpg

I ordered NKT’s Signature Roast Chicken (seasoned with a harissa spice blend and lemon), The Detox Salad (kale, apple, watermelon radish, scallions, sesame seeds, toasted almonds, ginger-lime dressing), and The Corn Salad (corn, black eyed peas, red pepper, red onion, mint). 

The chicken was incredible. Inside, the meat was tender and moist, ready to fall off the bone. The seasoning created a crust on the skin that was absolutely loaded with flavor. The Detox Salad tasted extremely fresh--crisp apples, crunchy nuts and seeds, and a killer ginger-lime dressing. The corn salad was just as good, each bite full of different, unique flavors. This place is really amazing with its ever-changing menu that never lacks a little surprise. 

Not only does Nourish have great real food, they also have a phenomenal bakery. With everything from cookies to cakes to macaroons, Nourish makes some of the best baked goods around. Their ingredients are truly are top-notch, and you'll be able to taste the quality in anything you try. Here are some of their enticing pistachio-rosewater button cookies, warm out of the oven:

Overall, Nourish Kitchen + Table is a neighborhood gem that's just waiting to to be discovered. The idea of recreating the kitchen experience outside of the house is bold and creative, and it's paying off. Get here before the crowds do, because this food is way too good to be ignored. 

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