Cherry Blossom Cronut

            This Dominique Ansel creation is the most acclaimed pastry bite in the world--and for good reason!

Dominique Ansel Bakery is mecca for dessert lovers. In fact, this bakery (and the Cronut specifically) sparked my passion for baking. 

You would be surprised to hear the history of the Cronut: one day, Dominique's team of bakers asked for doughnuts as a snack. Not knowing any doughnut recipes, Dominique made his own. But, these weren't your average doughnuts; yes, they were cream filled and covered in sugar, but the dough was different-- not quite a croissant dough, but very similar to it. Of course, the team of bakers loved the "doughnuts". So, Dominique began to take his seemingly playful creation more seriously. He tweaked ingredients and experimented for months. Eventually, the Cronut was born. 

Soon, the pastry went viral. Every Facebook post, news broadcaster, and radio show was talking about it. In fact, just three days after its advent, the Cronut spawned a line around the block at 5am--three hours before the bakery even opened! In the subsequent days, some even more unbelievable things happened: workers received sizable bribes from those not patient enough to wait on line, and someone even bought a secondhand Cronut on Craigslist for over $100. 

You would think that at this point, two whole years after its creation, the Cronut craze would have died down. Most things that attract such intense hype fade in a matter of weeks (if even). Anyway, I still make my way down to Dominique's bakery at least once a month, at 6am, to find a long line of foodies ahead of me. Funny enough, most times I see a guy in a sleeping bag at the front of the line. He walks back and hands out his company's business card. They're called "Same Ole Line Dudes", and they make money waiting on line for other people. That is how much people love the Cronut.  

More importantly, there's a reason the lines keep coming. The Cronut offers a truly unique food experience. The outside is gently fried to a perfect, golden color. The cream (which changes every month along with the flavor) is always delicious--not to heavy, not too light. The Icing (which also changes monthly) gives the Cronut an extra kick of sweetness that consummates the creation. And finally, the dough: it's light, elegant, airy, and soft. I mean pillow soft. All together, you have to Cronut-- the most talked about pastry in the entire world. And it is truly incredible.