Horchata and Caramel Cronut

If you think about the invention cronut, it's quite a spectacular feat. For thousands of years, people have been baking with the same, accessible ingredients--flour, butter, salt, and sugar--and yet, up until Dominique Ansel, not one person had thought to combine these ingredients into a ratio that yielded a cronut. Thus, the invention displays a true mastery of baking skills, along with an almost supernatural knack for innovation. Not to mention, even if you do get the ratio of ingredients right, it's still nearly impossible to make a cronut. The entire process takes three laborious days to complete and requires meticulous attention to the resting and working temperatures of the dough. That's why nearly all of the copycat cronuts are mediocre, at best.

So this month's flavor features two different cream-fillings, which you can see in the image above. The lighter, more beige filling is horchata flavored (sweet, cinnamon-infused milk) and the darker filling is caramel flavored. Hopefully they fulfill your expectations. The Horchata fillings is extremely light—almost weightless—and tastes just like a refreshing glass of Horchata. You can see the fresh, ground cinnamon in the cream, and nothing beats real ingredients. The caramel filling is richer and a bit less sweet, so together, the two creams are the perfect combination.

The cronut is then topped with a sweet horchata glaze and garnished with a few caramelized rice krispies. The bakery doesn’t specify what the rice krispies are coated in, but it’s absolutely delicious. They have a wonderful brown sugar type of sweetness, with hints of cinnamon and molasses. I guarantee that you’ll be surprised when these seemingly negligible garnishes burst with flavor inside of your mouth, making you wish there were a cereal devoted solely to these little gems. And sure, they might not look as pretty as other garnishes used in the past, like masterfully carved strawberries, but who really cares? They’re freaking incredible.

So far, this cronut is truly the best one I’ve tried. There are so many exciting flavors acting at once, so much for your mouth to taste. I would even recommend getting up at 6am for this…probably. But you should definitely get on the preorder list because this cronut will transport your taste buds into a state of pure bliss. 

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