Caramelized Banana and Brown Sugar Cronut

July has finally arrived. And with it comes a Cronut flavor that won't disappoint. Even if you're not a fan of banana or brown sugar--which would just be a shame--I think you'll love this cronut. In between the flaky layers, you'll find a brown sugar ganache and a banana jam, which bring the flavors (sweet & fruity) into a wonderful balance. This cronut is less sweet than others, mostly because of the use of brown sugar in the ganache. The brown sugar flavor is deep and powerful, but won't make you cringe like a strong burst of normal sugar might. Instead, it's more of a subtle, molassesy taste--very rich and smooth. 


In addition to the ganache filling, this cronut is finished with a ring of icing and a few crumbled pieces of dried banana. The icing offers a sweet kick and the dried bananas, which are mainly for aesthetics, provide a couple of bites with a crunch and an extra fruity flavor. As always, the cronut base is delicious. Crisp edges, flaky layers, a pillow-soft interior. Flawless. All together, the July cronut is not one to miss. 

Not only was this cronut phenomenal, but also the place in which I ate it. The garden at Dominique Ansel Bakery is a beautiful spot to sit and relax. It's got plenty of comfortable seating, nice open air, and a special quietness due to its location in between buildings. So, whether you want to check your email or enjoy a nice day, the garden is a fabulous spot to be. Plus, the food doesn't hurt. 

Overall, July's cronut is a must-try. With a creative combination like banana and brown sugar, it shouldn't be surprising that this flavor is nothing short of delicious. Now, get excited for the August flavor: Peach Jam with Bourbon Ganache